Tips to Improve Performance of Android Smartphone

and fast

Android is the one of the most using mobile operating system which is now widely adopted by companies throughout the world of smartphones, it provides a lot of features and convenience for users. With applications and games that pretty much makes the operating system is selling well used by any vendor of smartphones, which are owned by the sophistication of android is running a variety of applications at a time.

However, sometimes so many features, applications and games also make internal RAM memory and is available in a smartphone could no longer contain it. Moreover, if the user too much to install applications in the smartphone, obviously this will greatly affect the performance of Android becomes slow.

On this occasion, we will give you tips to Improve Performance Android Smartphone . Here’s they are.

1. Always update the software

If you’ve done a variety of ways that aim to improve the performance of your Android smartphone, but they have not worked well and still remains slow. So the solution that you can do that is by updating your phone software Android, because it could be your software that had long since made slow performance.

2. Delete / unistall applications that are not important

Most Android users feel proud to have quite a lot of applications in the mobile, when it effect on the performance of its Android software. Because with too many applications that we install, then the RAM memory that is used quite a lot. Obviously this would burden the performance of processors and the Android software, it is advisable to remove the third-party applications that are not too important to get fast performance of software.

3. Avoid using Live Wallpaper

Wallpaper engaged or living also it can affect the performance of Android software, you may not be aware if using wallpaper as it can drain the battery in addition to the more extravagant also turned out to be blowing performance of Android. Because of the live wallpaper is the same as we play games all day on a smartphone.