Some tips To know by All Android Users

Andro tips

Not without reason that Android is increasingly being used by smartphone users. Besides being is presenting a selection of cheaper prices, the reasons people choose Android than the iPhone as well as Android is easier to be customized.

However, many Android users who do not know how to use the Android smartphone well, so the results are less taste. Well, here’s some ways to become champion Android is definite yet you know. Curious?

1. Rely on Google

One of the features of Android is all the system supported by Google . Naturally, because Android is developed by Google. Therefore, while you use your Android smartphone , it helps you to use all the services and applications developed by Google . Because Google is definitely going to make all the applications to be integrated perfectly on all Android devices. Use Gmail to send email app, YouTube for streaming , Photos for applications gallery , Play Music to play music , Google Keep to create notes , and so forth .

2. Understand What You Share

All apps in Android requires access to the system so that the application is able to run well. There is a need access to contacts, camera, location , SMS , and so forth . Always read access to what is needed by the application when you install it. Because if not careful, it could be an application whose job is to steal your personal data. Read article How to Know Which Android Apps Steal Personal Data you to take precautions.

3. Determine the Default Application

With so many applications that you install from the Google Play Store , there are many applications that have the same function from one application to another application . For that , try to determine the default applications do you think is very convenient to perform certain tasks . Such as making UC Browser as the default browser than Chrome , or WPS Office as a PDF reader than other PDF applications . This will help you save time when opening or running a special function .

4. Battery Love You

As a first step fond of Android battery life , you can activate the battery saver feature . This feature allows you to save your Android battery when your battery is running low , or live what percentage . Set just on the remaining battery percentage of this feature will be automatically enabled. Oh yes , battery saver is also useful to make you get longer battery life .

5. Monitor Your Data Usage

Did you know that the use of the data on your Android can be monitored easily without the help of other applications or via an operator-specific code ? It’s easy, just go to Settings – Data Usage. Then see your data usage on mobile networks and WiFi networks .

6. Disable Apps Rarely You Use

All Android smartphones , except for the Nexus and Android One , certainly comes with additional embedded applications vendors. Unfortunately , the application can not be deleted if Android you do not have root access . In order not to overload the system , you can disable the app by going to Settings – Apps , and then find the app you want to disable .