How to Use Android Phone as Mouse to Your PC / Laptop


These Days Android phones are not a luxury / expensive, because almost everyone has and uses the Android-based smartphone. Therefore, the developers constantly improve the functionality of Android itself every time. Even today the Android smartphone ,we can also  use or take advantage of into a computer mouse / laptop.

For those of you who are curious and interested to make Android smartphone into a mouse to PC (Laptop / Computer), Follow the steps below.

1. Using Application gPad

  • The initial step then ana must first install the client on the HP Androud gPad the download here – >>
  • If already installed on the HP Android, and also install the client on the device gPad server PC (computer / laptop), download here – >>
  • When the installation process is finished, plainly plug HP Android to your computer / laptop using (a USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). However, when using the wifi requires a computer’s IP address or setup the phone when the connection fails
  • Furthermore gPad Open the application on your laptop / computer and let Active
  • Then open the application on the HP Android gPad manner: Open the “Settings” button – >> select “Connection type” (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable)
  • After that, go back in the menu “Settings” – >> menu that relavan (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB) – >> and click “Scan” (then select the computer as a couple)
  • If the exit request to enter the IP, then enter the IP address of your computer
  • Nowadays, you go to the main menu in the HP gPad Android app, then select ayau click “touchpad”.


2. Using the Intel Remote Keyboard (specifically Intel-based computers)

  • Download Intel Remote Keyboard first and then install it on your Android Phone, download here – >>
  • and also on PC Windows (for PC oerangkat select x86, x64, depending on the type of PC itself), download here – >>
  • Subsequently connect the HP Android and your computer with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then do the application installation process
  • Next go to the HP Android, and select the name of the computer that can connect via wifi
  • Then will come the large-sized QR code, then scan with your HP camera ndroid
  • Follow all the instructions given


It’s Quite easy.