Know How You Can Install More Games on NES Classic

The NES Classic, associated with many of your childhood, is a cool little piece of nostalgia. But you usually face with the issue when lacking in the games department, or find games Rom to add the NES Classic.

Fortunately, you can now find the answer in the NES community. And after a long time of tinkering, we now find a very easy way to add games to the NES Classic. That is “hakchi2” method. Read through the step-by-step guide yourself, to get the way to add game Rom your NES.

Warning: Installing games on your NES is at your own risk. If your teeth loosen and your eyes start to bleed, we don’t take any responsibility.

How to Install Games on NES Classic

Before starting the process, you need to prepare a Windows computer running at least Windows 7. Here are steps to do:

  1. Download hakchi2 on your computer and unzip the file: direct download link
  2. Browse to your saved ROMs, and decide what games you want to install on your NES Classic.
  3. Find box art at your own or hit the handy Google button in the GUI for automatically searching.
  4. Plug your NES Classic to your PC via Micro-USB cable and let the console turn off.
  5. Enter FEL mode by holding down the reset button on the front, then press and release the Power button. After a few seconds, also release the reset button. But you won’t still see anything happen.
  6. Now click on the sync button in the hakchi2 program. (If you didn’t put your NES into the FEL mode right, it’ll tell you. For some first times, you might get confused as you did it wrong and nothing blew up, but keep calm and do it again)
  7. Once done, reboot your NES Classic.
  8. Enjoy your games!

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These are easy steps to add more games into your NES Classic. If you get any trouble, feel free to ping us back in the comment below.