Useful Tips & Tricks for Huawei P9, P9 Lite and P9 Plus (P1)

The trio Huawei P9, Huawei P9 lite and its even bigger sibling the Huawei P9 Plus are really impressive devices, with lots of smart and useful features. But have you made use of almost of them? These are some typical tips and tricks for Huawei P9, P9 lite and P9 Plus.

Enable the app drawer

Once your device is upgraded to Android Nougat, you can easily enable the app drawer on P9 devices with just a few taps. Go to Settings menu > Home Screen Style and you’re done!

Choose your own language

Setting a new language is very simple: you just need to move your finger to your desired language and drag it on top. Just going to Advanced Settings > Language > Add a language, then you can select more than one system language.

Use Smart Assistance to change the interface

Huawei’s Smart Assistance is a very smart feature. It let you change the layout to make it easier and friendlier to use. For instance, you can customize the navigation buttons or get a floating dock that gives you an access to the navigation when you need it. Also, you can take advantage of Draw feature to launch an app by drawing its first letter; flip to mute incoming calls, timers; or tilt to move icons and widgets.

There are many hidden customization options for the trio versions of the P9. Below you will find the step-by- step guide:

  • Navigation buttons: go to Settings > Navigation.
  • Home screen style: head to Settings > Home Screen Style.
  • Brightness: Settings > Display > Brightness
  • Font Size:  navigate to Settings > Display > Font size.
  • Color temperature: Settings > Display > Color temperature.
  • Status bar: just head to Settings > Notifications and Status Bar > Show Operator Name and Battery Percentage
  • Wallpapers and widgets: hold on an empty spot on your home screen, and then choose from which you want to customize those displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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Open Facebook Messenger by drawing the letter M on the screen

Facebook Messenger is probably one of the apps you use most during the day. But instead of having unlock the device and open the app from app drawer, there is now a way that allows you to quickly access it – and even other apps from your P9. Draw a ‘M’ right from the lock screen when it’s off and it will open the chat screen.

To activate this, go to Settings > Smart Assistance > Motion Control Draw and select the apps representing for the letters c, e, m and w.

Use the fingerprint reader to launch apps

The fingerprint scanner on the P9 devices is very fast and accurate, but many of you just use it to unlock your smartphone and don’t know other features it can bring for you. Go to Settings > Fingerprint ID and set it to take photos, answer calls, open camera, snooze the alarm and many more.