The Bad Boy’s Game Arkham Underworld finally hits the Android Store

You usually see that almost of games will be launched for iOS first. After some weeks, sometimes months, even years, they are made for Android OS. And the Batman: Arkham Underworld game is not also an exception. It was first launched in the summer of 2016 for Apple’s iOS, but is only now landing on Android in the Google Play Store.

If you have ever played as the Dark Knight, though the game has “Batman” in the title, the gameplay is different. Instead, Arkham Underworld is concentrated on the many bad guys in the Caped Crusader’s packed Rogue’s Gallery. The Arkham Underworld, which was developed by Turbine, is an excellent combination between a top-down tactical action game and a management game.

For the beginning, you’ll have to recruit your villains from a list including the Riddler, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and many more. You’ll control their actions along with AI minions to overcome missions, steal and even pillage from others in Gotham City. Also, you have to build up your characters and upgrades to keep others from raiding what you have.

In terms of graphic, the game has a dark and gothic art style of the console and PC Arkham games, even if they don’t match the detail from the titles. The game also features with some of the voice actors, including Tara Strong as in Harley Quinn and especially Kevin Conroy, who makes a great job in playing Batman (he appears in the game many times, and your job is naturally trying to stop him).

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One thing you should be happy is that the Arkham Underworld is free to download and play in the Google Play Store, and it supports optional in-game purchases. What are you waiting for? Open the Play Store, search for Arkham Underworld, download and play it right away (or get it here) and let us know your impression in the comments below.