LG G6 To Come With Dual 13MP Rear Cameras, 100-Degree Wide Angle Lens

Just a week before the MWC conference in Barcelona, LG has shown the details of the camera hardware on its upcoming G6 flagship smartphone. According to a news article, the G6 will feature a 13MP dual camera setup at the back, and each one will offer a different field-of-view.

While one sensor will be used for taking normal photos, the other will let users take wide-angle 125-degree photos. For selfie camera, the LG G6 will only be equipped a single sensor at the front offering a 100-degree wide lens, slightly narrower than the 120-degree lens on the LG V20.

But LG has added several new software features to the camera, which would make the camera on G6 easy to use. The unique display’s 18:9 aspect ratio is claimed to make the camera UX perfect. On one side of the screen, it’ll display latest pictures, and you won’t have to open the gallery while taking pictures to see the previous shots. There will also be various shooting modes available including ‘snapshot’, ‘grid shot’, ‘match shot’, and ‘guide shot’. Additionally, the main camera app has an 18:9 shooting mode, 360-degree panorama mode, more. The front facing camera on LG G6 will be equipped special filters that allow you to adjust skin tone and lighting effects. Another new feature is that users will be able to combine at least 2 and the maximum of 100 photos from the gallery to create a GIF video.

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Cho Jun-ho, president of LG’s Mobile Communications business said that The LG G6 would be a smartphone camera that went from hardware to user experience,”. “We will continue to take advantage of LG’s premium smartphone’s distinctive strengths, continue to develop,” said to him.

LG will announce its G6 this Sunday at a pre-MWC event in Barcelona. Sales are expected to start sometime next month, which can give the G6 an advantage over its rival, Samsung Galaxy S8.