How To Install Incompatible or Region-Restricted Apps on Android Devices

If you want to download a new game or cool streaming service on your Android smartphone, but you realize that the app is incompatible or not available in your country, that time you think about giving it up. However, one thing you should know that there’s always a way to get what you want with the Android platform. So in this post, we’ll show you how to install incompatible apps on Android smartphones

How To Install Incompatible or Region-Restricted Apps

It’s important to remember that the VPNs, APKs are very effective, as they are the answer to all your problems with downloading. You can find some apps that aren’t compatible or region-restricted with your device, but no matter can you get it work.


The first thing you should do is changing the VPN. One of the apps can help you change VPN easily is  TunnelBear. Not only is it great for that purpose, but it’s also used to bypass incompatible apps. Here’s how:

  • Download TunnelBear from the Play Store
  • Once done, open the app and create an account.
  • You’ll be prompted to turn TunnelBear on and then a map of the world will display. Just tap on any tunnel on the globe and wait for it to tunnel its way there.
  • If you are required to have a connection request, tap on it to agree.
  • Once the bear has tunneled to your new VPN location, you can grab that app.

Note that you should keep the VPN running in order to access content in region-restricted apps. In case the app is still unavailable in your country, make a clear cache for the Play Store by going to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and try it again.

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Installing an incompatible app on your Android smartphone is very simple, but it just works with free titles. All you have to do is downloading the APK app through APK Downloader, copy the URL of the app from the Google Play Store, then retrieve the URL by choosing the Share button on the Play Store and launch Gmail. To conclude:

  • Copy the URL of the app you want to download
  • Paste the URL into the APK Downloader site

  • Then download the APK file.

If the APK Downloader site does not work for you, you can try to retrieve the avalable APK file you want via APK Mirror.

These are two common ways to download and install the incompatible or region-restricted apps for the Android devices. How do you think about these solutions, let’s know in the comment below.