WhatsApp To Recover Text Status Updates After Backlash

WhatsApp introduced to its Android, iOS and Windows users a feature like on Snapchat and Instagram on the 8th birthday. Obliviously, this is not the first time WhatsApp imitates Snapchat or Instagram.

Since the rollout of the new status feature, users have been now able to post their images, videos, and GIFs for 24 hours, which is similar to the Instagram’s stories feature. Along with publishing their posts, users can also leave comments on other’s statuses. Nevertheless, it seems to make users annoyed due to its chatting-like function. It looks like people have gradually been ignoring the old “Hey there! I am using WhatsApp” after WhatsApp brought back a plenty of new status updates yesterday.

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WhatsApp is likely to be too concerned about user satisfaction, so the old text status feature is being brought back. Whereas, the new status change still appears, on tweeter a user named Moody’s WABetainfor who posted that WhatsApp was attempting to make the text status returned, also says “Airtel’s acquisition to Telenor India is Credit Positive”. But this feature is certainly accompanied by an abundance of new privacy settings. Users can select who can view their posts, which is not much different from the newly rolled out status feature. In the time coming, that old text feature will be renamed as “Tagline”. Until now, there are not any confirmations from WhatsApp. Supposing the leak photos are true, the Tagline feature has been noticed on beta version on iPhone and beta version 2.17.82 on Windows devices. Undoubtedly, those estimations can have an enormous impact on the Android users. When WhatsApp begins rolling out the “Tagline” feature is still a mystery to us now. However, based on the scenario, it will not take us a long time to see the release in the future.