Grab The LG V20 from T-Mobile For Just $480

As soon as LG G6 pre-orders are ready to be conducted, T-Mobile has immediately decreased the previous LG flagship’s cost to $480 from $769.99. Since T-Mobile has not announced any information, so this discount might not prolong. Thus, if you desire to save an amount of money, do not hesitate to buy the V20 right now. On the condition that you prefer a monthly plan, you just have to defray zero upfront and then $20 per month within one year, which also equals the $480 of full retail price. Over its regular price, the discount will be $289.99; whereas, to purchase a $650 LG G6 you will need to settle $26 each month after paying $26 upfront. So choosing the LG V20 is a better solution to help you save at least $170.

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It is undeniable that the LG G6 dominates the V20 to some areas. In contrast, the V20 also owns some other highlights over the G6. The G6 supports wireless charging, while the V20 is packed with the Quad-DAC. This strong point makes the V20 more suitable for audiophiles or those who have demand for the excellent audio quality. From the aspect of performance, both acts quite similarly. A small advantage of the G6 is its higher Snapdragon 821 chipset with dual rear cameras while the V20 just comes equipped a single 16MP snapper. Nevertheless, regarding photo quality, the V20 still can provide beautiful shots. Another aspect that should be mentioned is two smartphones’ battery life. The V20 has a 3200mAh capacity battery while a slightly larger 3300 mAh capacity is equipped on the G6. Although the LG G6 features a Quad HD+ display with HDR10, Dolby Vision support, IP68 dust and water resistance, LG’s new UX 6.0 skin on top and a thinner physical size, the V20 makes it impressive with a secondary screen up top.