Casio reveals the limited edition Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20S Android Wear watch

Tomorrow, on March 24th, Basel Switzerland officially kicking off the largest watch and  jewelry show of the year called Baselworld. Casio is one of the companies planning to showcase products at the  event. Accordingly, Casio has revealed that it will be  releasing a new limited-edition smartwatch based on Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 called Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20S.

The new wearable device is not much different from its predecessor. Basically, the specifications are nearly identical to that of the WAD-F20, with 1.32 “dual-layer LCD 320 x 300 display. It has Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS integrated for hiking and traveling adventure. The “Traveler” feature helps users switch the type of information displayed in the window at the bottom of the watch face and touch the watch face to launch the corresponding app. The advanced watch face includes representing the GPS, map functions and animated map display. In addition, your current location is determined based on location information obtained from GPS satellites and displayed on a high resolution color map.

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The new Watch is water resistant up to. Battery takes about two hours to fully charge and lasts more than a day of normal usage.

You can use the new and great features that Google offers on hardware because the watch runs Android 2.0 onboard. The version of the new watches will be available in limited quantities (500 units). Thanks to the new Android Wear software, the watch is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Currently, the company has not announced the pricing of new hardware. However, you can believe that the new wearable won’t come cheap. If you need to find a suitable watch for social events, you can choose this watch! So, at this launch, the watch has all the necessary and useful features for you!