Top 5 Racing Games for Android

If you are a fan of racing game series, you are interested in cruel laps; here are top 5 Android racing games you cannot skip. Let’s see!

  1. Real Drift Car Racing

When joining in the Real Drift Car Racing, you will have to focus primarily on drifting, racing around the edges and gaining an edge to counter the power of the opponent. You have to use your skills to overcome the difficulties of the game. The game also offers players many common options, including single player, a campaign mode, and more. You’ll get 2 choices to join the game with free and paid versions. The paid versions will help you make in-app purchases and will remove the ads as well as unlock some additional content.

  1. Drag Racing

Although Drag Racing is an old game, it’s constantly updated, innovative and then becomes one of the best racing games that attracts many players. When joining the game, you will be able to adjust your car as much as you want. You can spend a long time adjusting your car so that it can run perfectly. In addition, the game has a multiplayer mode, which allows you to compete with other players to achieve the prize.

  1. Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story is a game designed to help you become the boss of your team. Then you will be the person in charge of driving training, buying a sponsor, and trying to win as many races as possible. You can play the game without in-app purchases. This is one of the most impressive games for racing enthusiasts.

  1. Horizon Chase

By 2015, Horizon Chase is rated as one of the best racing games. Its graphic brings a strong impression and  besides there are also a lot of things the participants have to do. The producers also added a lot of songs, lots of cars for users to unlock in this game. In addition, the support of the Android TV, NVIDIA Shield TV makes the game become more impressive. Players can use most of the game controllers to engage with it. The game also has the online mode that allows players to play online, provide leaderboards to highlight the experience. The Horizon Chase is now free on the Play Store, so you should try out a few of the tracks for free.

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  1. Nitro Nation

Nitro Nation Racing is a new drag racing game that is dominating the racing game chart. Players can purchase Nitro Nation Racing for free in the Play Store. The game offers some player mode like single player or multiplayer and  a lot of cars to unlock. Players are not limited the energy, the delivery time to upgrade the car. Although there are still a few flaws, Nitro Nation Racing is still one of the best choices for many people who are interested in racing.

These are top 5 Android racing games currently. Hope you enjoy them!