Google Search for iOS Integrated Gboard, 3D Touch Actions, and Trending Widget

Google has integrated the Gboard keyboard into the Google Search app for iOS with the expectation that its search engine will dig deeper into the iOS platform. iPhone and iPad users will no longer have to install the standalone Gboard keyboard application on their device as before. Along with this change, Google also adds several new features including support for 3D Touch option and a new Google search widget.

Gboard was first introduced in 2016 and iPhone and iPad owners used it as a useful tool for enhancing mobile messaging, particularly the ability to search for emoticons instead of scrolling, and now it supports GIF search, glide typing and voice transcription. Gboard also meets the searching needs and sends quickly and accurately the information you are looking for such as weather forecasts, music news, videos, photos, sports scores.

Currently, the Google search app includes Gboard as part of its download. In the app settings, you can enable this option. In addition, the latest update also provides a “trends on Google” gadget displayed in the iOS notification center. This utility will display hot news and other latest topics based on Google searches. If you want to use this gadget with ease, you just tap Edit from the bottom of the Notification Center or use 3D Touch on the app icon.

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Moreover, you can use this operation to display a preview of the gadget and you can add it to your Notification Center as well. But if you use 3D Touch on the app icon, there will be more search options. Here, you can start a voice search, search for images, go to incognito mode, and especially the Quick Search option takes your cursor directly into the search box if you wait for the app’s main home screen to load. Accordingly, you can press “G” at the bottom of the screen to start a new search at any time. Plus, you can hit search results yourself – including map and tag results – to see a preview of the content.

Right now, you can get the latest Google Search for your iOS from the App Store.