Google Duo audio- only calls now available

Google Duo not only uses a standalone video- calling app for video calls, but also supports for audio-only calls. This is a feature used to aim at increasing the app’s adoption in emerging markets, where the strong, high-bandwidth network connection isn’t always available.

Google first implements this application for users in Brazil and continues to expand to other users around the world in the coming time.

Google Duo version 9.1 is available to download for free on App Store and brings out VoIP audio calling, along with bug fixes and product enhancements. Audio- only calls will automatically support you in case of getting low bandwidth or poor signal.

According to a Google+ post, the audio -only calling was just an app that Google planed on adding to the app “soon.” In addition, the new audio – only calling option only works well when all connection speeds are stable.

The audio- only calls helps you a lot in situations when you’re about to hop on a crowded bus but do not want someone else to see the person you’re chatting over video.

Audio-only calls are launched alongside with some other applications from Google such as the addition of file-sharing within its messaging app Allo, direct posting to, location-sharing in Google Maps, faster backup and sharing in Google Photos.

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Although Duo users have demanded adding audio-only calls, changing the nature of Duo from a video-only application to become more broadly just a calling app also suffers from some major drawbacks.

The application does not support for iOS 10’s CallKit for beginners. So, in case CallKit is absent, you need to acknowledge a notification and then unlock your iPhone to answer a call. More importantly – like Apple’s FaceTime, the app still needs group video calling.