Instagram For Android Now Enables Offline Mode

It’s a fact that 600 million Instagram users, which take up 80% of total users, are not in the US. Therefore, it’s necessary to offer users a more enjoyable experience even if there is a lack of data plan or weak Internet access.

At Facebook’s developer conference, which is held annually in San Jose, Instagram releases an update for Android that will support offline capabilities, which will let you normally continue scrolling and browsing, even when you are not in a supported network area. Besides, Stories of Instagram has got some new updates last week which enables users to watch stories right from their home feed. This update has made app users value Instagram’s stories highly.

As a result of a huge increase in Instagram’s monthly active users, it has made a decision to follow the same method of the official Facebook app to release a proper offline mode. In this new mode, you are capable of viewing previously loaded content in your home feed. In other words, you can use Instagram similarly to online mode, which allows users to leave comments, like and save posts, even follow or unfollow other users, according to Instagram engineer, Hendri.

When your device gets back connection from the server, everything you did will be immediately performed in the background. Profiles you’ve visited will also be able to display offline, the same happens to cached versions of your Explore tab and profile page.

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Other than that, they did not mention the offline capability of Stories, however, we can imagine that Instagram will carry out this soon as Stories from A.K.A. Snapchat already offers this.

An update like this could come in handy for Instagram users in developing nations where it is harder to get a stable internet connection. Someday, Instagram may think of rolling out a Lite version of the app, but due to the fact that it is rather a saving-data social app, this may not happen.