Google Plans to Unveil its own ad-blocking feature in Chrome

People have heard a lot about Google’s plans which aim at offering more enjoyable experiences for users and taking better control of third-party ad-blocking apps.

As stated by the Wall Street Journal, Google might be on process of making its own ad-blocking functionality, which is likely to appear on the mobile and desktop version of is Chrome web browser. This source also claimed that this new feature could be officially released in the upcoming weeks. However, there is also a likelihood that Google may not carry out the plan.

Though Google’s approach to create an ad-blocking feature inside Chrome may seem surprising as the company’s income depends on online advertisements, people, who are familiar with the plans, supposed that this is a defensive step. Indeed, the company wants to make two things out of this. The first one is to improve users’ experiences and the second one is to prevent the development of third-party ad-blocking. It can be obviously seen that over the last few years there is a remarkable growth of third-party apps and add-ons, which bring up ad-blocking features. This probably stems from the paid services to advertising companies which allow their ads to appear.

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It is reported that Google’s plan would concentrate on unacceptable ad types that don’t meet the list of ad standards which are lately published by the Coalition for Better Ads. According to those standards, pop-ups, auto playing ads with sound and “prestitial” ads with countdown timers are considered to be “beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.” However, Google may decide to block all ads appearing on sites that are offending instead of the individual ads themselves which means the site owners may be required make sure their ads don’t violate the standards or they will be all blocked in Chrome.