The Galaxy S8 is indication of Samsung’s changing attitude to bloatware

Back in the days, we all used to criticize Samsung a lot for its bloatware. There’re a lot of unnecessary stuffs that you couldn’t uninstall. However, since the launch of Galaxy S6, the company decided to improve bloatware part, and as a result, Galaxy S8 receives several advantages from that change.

Apparently, we benefit a lot. As we are well aware of how profitable these software purchases can be for smartphone manufacturers, all of us don’t want bloatware to slow down our phones. In the past, instead of disabling them, you have to mange to settle your space storage, but here comes the solution.

The 32GB Galaxy S had 8GB of storage for its ROM and pre-installed apps. But the 64GB Galaxy S8, despite the lack of carrier bloat, offered 12 GB used. Additionally, the apps on the S8 can be removable easily. While pre-loaded apps may not actually eat up great amount of space, the capability of deleting most of them may make user forget the rest of space they lose permanently.

There are 37 pre-installed apps on the Galaxy S8, while the numbers of apps are reduced when compared to 50 apps of the Galaxy S6. Only a few of apps that are unable to disable, the others are found pretty useful such as the dialer.

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As for people suffering from extensive bloatware in America, they still can take some steps to remove few apps that Samsung won’t allow them to delete. And the price for doing this is $1.50. You are able to get rid of future bloat on your next Galaxy device as well.

You cannot reclaim the storage space back, but you will prevent them from using system resources and not see them displayed in your app drawer anymore. In that case, what you need to do is downloading an app named BK Package Disable, then install it, give it the necessary permissions and swipe to the ‘Bloatware’ tab in the app.