Refurbished Galaxy Note7 To Roll Out In Korea in June For Less Than $250

After the Galaxy Note 7’s explosion, followed by a global recall of this smartphone, now it is coming back with a totally new model, which is promising to bring Samsung the success beyond its expectation. No fires are allowed to happen again. One day ago, we had a chance to see the certification of the refurbished Note 7. Now, it is the appropriate moment to release this product.

The refurbs will officially go on sale in South Korea- the home country of Samsung next month, according to an earlier report on the issue. To be able to own an item, you shall have to defray KRW 700,000, which is now equivalent to $620. In other words, the price of the refurbished Galaxy Note7 is around $255 cheaper than that of the Note 7 which was published last year with KRW 988,900 (equivalent to $875).

It is not easy to guess the cost of the refurbished Galaxy Note7 in other markets where it will be released, but we can take notice that an almost 30% discount is the favor Samsung spent for its home country. Thus, we can be hopeful to gain benefits from the same discount in other countries.

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As estimated, the new model will be equipped with a smaller battery in comparison with the last year product. To be more specific, despite the fact that all of us are expecting the maximum battery capacity of 3,200 mAh, in reality, the phone just offers 3,000 mAh. Hence, according to calculations, this is 500 mAh less than the original version with 3,500 mAh.

Korean customers are going to welcome the availability of approximately 300,000 refurbished Note 7 out of the 3-4 million total recalled devices in the time coming. It is likely that the product will be named as Galaxy Note 7R.