Classic Drawing Party Game Pictionary Comes to Android

Pictionary – one of the most well-known home party games is available on mobile devices. According to developer Etermax, who has launched the classic drawing party games Pictionary for Android and iOS, this game does not require you to be an artist to play.

Referring to Etermax, people may know the release of popular party games such as Trivia Crack. Later on, Etermax continues to be known as the company that teamed up with Pictionary’s owner Mattel to develop the mobile version. You can easily recognize that, similar to the classic game, Pictionary focuses on giving one person to draw an object with the other player charged with guessing what word or phrase that drawing represents. You simply imagine that you will draw something representing “family”. And other player’s task is to guess that word based on your ways in drawing.

There are thousands of words to choose from the mobile version, in four different categories. You can also get support a number of different languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Turkish, and Russian. You can choose one of two modes for playing in the mobile version, including the turn-based mode where a player faces off with an online friend, and the other mode is a more fast-paced real time experience, with two teams of two players each.

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You can play game free, with ads and in-app purchases. If you play more, the drawing tools, which you use in the Pictionary game, can be upgraded. When you gain access to things like a pencil, paintbrush, crayon, pen, highlighter, and eraser, you will be able to see this. Especially, you can also view how other players drew objects as inspiration for your work in a Feed section integrated in the game.

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