Best Food Apps To Change How You Eat

If you only use the Internet to search for food recipes as well as plan meals on your iPhone, those apps below may be useful for you to better prepare your meal.

Here is the list of the best food apps available on iPhone and iPad!

For Eating out

Velocity (Free)

This beautiful food app lets user access and rapidly get the cuisine experiences in some of the best restaurants globally. The options are diverse which vary from Michelin-starred establishments to newly launched hot spots in different places. In addition, users are able to reserve and pay for the check, even split the bill with the help of in-app pay functionality.

Chefsfeed (Free)

Chefsfeed was created to let you easily find stunning dishes cooked by well-known chefs. For those who are fond of the ultimate eggs benny or steak frites then they should not miss this tool. Moreover, photos and reviews of dishes are posted by those chefs themselves. To find the food, you will simply tap on the Feed Me button. ChefsFeed is supposed to be the best app to know what famous chefs are tasting.

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For snacks and treats

The Healthy Rebel ($2.99)

Do you want to break up with your daily snack? Your solution is the Healthy Rebel app which offers a number of healthy and tasty food snack. It provides more than 300 dessert and recipes made by Amy Layne who is a nutritionist and also co-founder of DAMY Health. The special thing is that each recipe includes 100% natural ingredients but is also adjusted to suit your taste. You are able to even change your recipe lists and save your favored ones for later use.

Annabel Karmel Family Cooking ($4.99)

It is difficult to find a healthy and delicious daily snack for yourself but it’s even harder when it comes to options for children. Since Annabel Karmel Family Cooking was released, the app comes in handy. It offers more than 120 simple recipes, which are divided into different categories like Everyday Meals, Lunchboxes, Sweets, etc. Furthermore, the app also has a particular section for kids only, including 12 recipe challenges with the purpose of educating your kids how to cook. Other features are meals organizing, recipes customizing and Interactive Speaker to get recipe.