Google I/O 2017 App Adds A New Seat Reservation Feature And More

The 2017 edition of the Google I / O developer conference will take place next week from May 17- 19, which will be held at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. If you attend this event, you can check out the updated Google I/O app on Android to get information on the conference and other interesting features.

In the Google I/O 2017 app update, you can use the biggest new feature, which allows attendees to reserve seats for any of the conference’s sessions ahead of time. This will cut down the lines at some of the more popular sessions, but you have to make sure that you attend any of the smaller ones.

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The addition of a bottom navigation bar, which has been growing in popularity over the past year, is a new feature in this 2017 version of the app. The bar also now features plenty of neat animations.

Attendees and anyone else can check the information on most of the Google I/O 2017 schedule of events. However, a few of them will only be unveiled after the big keynote address on May 17, so they are still now a secret. Attendees can make note when the events will start, or you can also get reminders and if you get lost, you will even receive a map of the location. Your own personal can be synced with all of your devices and the Google I/O site. Lastly, through streaming video, you can still watch the keynote and sessions from the conference directly from the app in case you are not attending.

You can view all the big news that will be revealed at the conference on the ground next week at Google I/O 2017. Maybe, this will include a lot more information on the next Android update that is currently known as Android O.