What You Should Know About Google Play Music And YouTube Red

Google Play Music

Similarly to Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming services, Google Play Music wants to collect all your music in one place.

There are two available options in this service: Free and Unlimited.

The former tier offers users the basic experience. Specifically, you are allowed to upload your music to Google’s Cloud storage from both Android and iOS apps and enjoy them at your free time. Apple Music and iTunes Match also provide this, however this serves as a part of their subscriptions; the number of tracks offered by Apple’s services are 100,000 and those by Play Music are 50,000 and so as not to waste your time loading those tracks, Google doesn’t “match” them.

Moreover, you will receive support from radio stations that give tunes which are suitable for your activities, emotions or even the daily weather.

As for Unlimited tier, it will broaden your music experience. You are able to stream music on-demand without the interference of ad from the catalog of 35 million songs chosen on your own. Additionally, once subscribed, it is possible to download your songs and listen to them at offline mode.

If your country supports it, Unlimited subscriptions will offer free access to Youtube Red.

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Youtube Red

Youtube Red is a separate streaming service but Google has decided to give any subscriber of its streaming service the right to get access freely to its paid Youtube streaming service and vice versa.

Simply, Youtube Red can be considered as an unlimited version of native Youtube.

When using this service, you will be able to watch ad-free video on your devices. As written in Google’s support site, users who are member of Youtube Red will not see ads so Youtube will support creators by sharing users’ membership fee with them.

Youtube Red has also co-worked with creators to produce Originals which are serialized shows and offer them to watchers of Red and Youtube TV. Lately, it has made over 100 Originals shows both airing and in production.

Another great thing is that Youtube Red enables you to save and play all high quality youtube videos offline and also watch videos in the background. This is extremely useful when you are driving or listening to your favorite music stream as you close the video portion and come back to navigation without any disturbing.

Additionally, Youtube Red also offers an “audio-only-mode” for mobile version through Youtube Music app. Specifically, it turns music video and manages new videos from creators into live-updating stations along with saving and customizing option for your playlist.