Four Best Note Taking Apps For Android

For users, one of the most favorite features of using smartphone is probably to take notes. Since people bring their headphone with them almost anywhere, it is convenient to record the information or ideas quickly. Therefore, check out to find the suitable app for you among those best note taking apps for Android:


ColorNote is supposed to be one of the most well-known note taking apps. It lets user make text notes, create lists, etc. Like its name, the app offers users the ability to change the color of note’s background so that they can follow their notes better. Other features can be listed such as calendar support, backup support to either internal storage or cloud storage and so on. Additionally, the app provides to-do list features. Lastly, ColorNote is totally free to download.


Among several note taking apps, Evernote is one of the most effective one. The app packed with a variety of features such as diverse note types, notebook support, organizational features, collaboration features, note sharing, etc. Therefore, using the app for free is not as beneficial as it used to be. Indeed, users are offered two possible subscriptions which provides several features and supports cloud space for storing your notes. In terms of price, there are three options: free, $34.99 per year or $69.99 per year.

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Unlike the above-mentioned app, FairNote is a newer app. In detail, the app has a simple interface with Material Design along with a tag system so that users can organize their notes easily. Furthermore, the app pays a bit more attention to its security. Users can choose whether or not to add encryption and they are also able to use their fingerprint to encode and decode notes. The free version offers almost features, the paid version priced at $0.99 allows ad-free, adds a dark theme as well as supports more encryption features.


The next app is FiiNote (and FiiWrite) coming from developers that have achieved success in the note taking apps lineup before. FiiNote has a grid background and supports drawing style which means you can both type and write or even draw your notes if you want. Adding images, video along with voice messages is possible. These features allow users to keep all type of notes, doodles, sketches, etc. Finally, the app is completely free.