Pinterest Expanding Its Lens Feature To Identify Recipes

Back in February of this year, Pinterest officially rolled out its Lens feature, which gives users permission to use the camera on their device to visually identify a vast variety of items.

Since then, the social network has said that it is developing its visual discovery tool to enable demonstrating cook recipes for that next meal you want to make. Pinterest also takes an example that if you eat at your favored restaurant and decide to order some stunning and delicious waffles, you will be able to use Lens feature offered in the app to describe the ingredients there in detail. Then, you can use that recipe for making similar disk at home.

As stated by Pinterest, their visual discovery technology at this time can identify more than 750 categories, which is a very impressive number. People can use this Lens beta at several different ingredients to create many new cooking recipes. And with the new expanding of this tool, users are provided a way to know the elements included in an entire dish and then, have a recipe to recook.

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In addition, if you are the one who want to provide more specific information, Pinterest will allow users to search for recipes which are based on new criteria. These can be ingredients available in your fridge, the hours you can spend to cook or the diet of you or your family member.

One last worth noticing is that the social network is currently partnered with a vast number of sources. For example, they are Martha Stewart and Epicurious. This action aims at assessing food recipes from users’ feedback. This food evaluation will be displayed in rating stars directly in search results.

The new functionality is now available to use on Pinterest.