5 Reasons Why Google Assistant Still Behind Siri On the iPhone

Last week, Google Assistant was rolled out in the U.S only and has been reviewed favorably. However, despite receiving good feedbacks, Google Assistant is still unable to surpass Siri on the iPhone for a number of reasons. In this post, we’ll show our opinions about 5 reasons that Google Assistant cannot beat Siri.

  1. Isn’t previously installed with the iPhone

Contrary to Siri which comes pre-installed, if you want to use Google Assistant, you will need to go to App Store and download the app yourself. And if you’re not in U.S, installation is impossible.

  1. Unable to invoke Google Assistant by long press Home button

In order to invoke Assistant, you will have two ways: opening the app from the Home screen or using the Notification widget. So it was not until the iPhone was unlocked that you could use Google Assistant. However, with Siri, you simply long press Home button to invoke it.

  1. Absence of System Integration

Google Assistant can’t perform tasks such as turning on or off Wi-Fi, Airplane mode or taking photos and more as you require it to do. It will immediately tell you that it cannot turn on Wi-Fi on iPhones.

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  1. Unable to integrate with third-party apps

Now, Google Assistant is with nothing but Google apps. For example, if you installed Google Maps on your device then you can look for directions in Google Assistant. Next, it will open the Google Maps and show you the way.

Unluckily, unlike Siri, other third-party apps cannot be invoked with Assistant. However, there comes a good news that Google is going to making third-party integration.

  1. Lacks Hands-free feature

One more thing that Siri offers but Google Assistant does not is the use of Hands-free. As for the latter, users will need to tap on the microphone icon or opening the app before giving commands.