How to create a new ringtone in GarageBand

Nowadays, apart from using ready-made ringtones or converting songs on computers, iOS users can create their own ringtones directly from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to an app called GarageBand. To do it, you need a unique combination between fingertips skills and a bit musical aptitude. In addition, this method will create a favorable environment for you to practice and compose the best songs which no one can imitate. If you are keen on the interesting task, let’s follow our instructions below:

How to compose your totally new ringtone on iPhone

Step 1: Initially, you need to launch GarageBand on your iPhone.

Step 2: Then, you will have to hit the + at your top left corner and confirm that you would like to Create a New Song.

Step 3: Next, the important thing is that you need to keep the 30-second track continuously to ensure that you will have a nice piece of music. During the process of composing ringtones, you can make use of some smart drums to make them more vividly. In the vein, there are also a variety of Live Loops for you to add to your ringtones.

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Step 4: To move up, it is necessary to keep tweaking and complementing to your project until you feel that your songs are satisfactory enough or you think that you can publish a ringtone-living up to your expectation.

Step 5: In the end, as soon as you make sure that your masterpiece ringtone is ready to be shipped, you just need to touch the triangular icon which locates in the top left corner of the interface. After that, you are able to choose My Songs to save the entire progress as well as come back to your GarageBand home screen. Now, it is time for you to play your ringtone and enjoy it.