Top 5 Nintendo Emulators For Android

The Nintendo DS is the most popular handheld consoles that accompanied with our childhood all time. There were a lot of amazing Nintendo games and it’s now easier to keep those games on your phone over having to carry a second device. Although development of the Nintendo DS emulator platform is not too great as well as there aren’t many options for users to choose from, we still sound a few that worked well on your Android phone. Here are top five Nintendo DS emulators for device. Let’s see.

Top 5 Nintendo Emulators For Android

  1. AseDS (Free)

AseDS is a Nintendo DS emulators, boasting with some features  such as cheat code support, custom buttons, screen display resolution to help play games more smoothly. Most of the ROMs are not basically capable of causing any trouble for it. Although not everything plays perfectly, most of ROMs are playable. Furthermore, it’s free to download and there is also no in-app purchases. So it’s a little difficult we have to complain it.

  1. DraStic DS ($4.99)

DraStic DS Emulator is currently the best of the Nintendo DS emulators. It includes a host of features such as screen interface customization, controller customization, hardware controller support, and even Google Drive support. Specifically, the top-notch devices can experience the improved graphics rendering if they want. With the priceat $4.99, it’s a good bargain and reasonable.

  1. nds4droid (Free)

nds4droid is a quite old Nintendo DS emulators and there has not been any update for it. However, it is open source for users and developers. You can use it to make your own emulator. Although it still exists some issues, including slower emulation or the frame skip, it’s free without in-app purchases and advertisements. If it works with your device, don’t skip it.

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  1. NDS Boy (Free)

NDS Boy is another new Nintendo DS emulators. However, it only works with popular, and higher end smartphones. The new emulator comes with save and load features, control customization, and it also supports for most NDS game files. Interestingly, it’s another free emulator without any in-app purchases. If you are having an Android flagship, it’s a good option for you.

  1. RetroArch (Free)

The last emulator we’d like to introduce to you is RetroArch. It’s an all-in-one emulator and supports various game systems, including Nintendo DS, Game Boy, SNES, Game Boy Advance, and more. You will need to download and install each system individually within the app. Although it’s not the easiest to use, it is free and also without in-app purchases or advertisement.

These are top 5 Nintendo Emulators for your Android devices. Hope this post useful for you.