Steps to Switch From WatchOS Beta to Official Version

WatchOS beta version can easily be understood as a lite version for the Apple Watch, but users can still use it as a primary OS in your Apple Watch. Many users choose to use beta OS in their Apple watch as it is now available for Apple Watches. But there are also a number of users want to switch from WatchOS beta to the official version because of some reasons for the features or working of the OS. Here are steps to help you switch from the beta version to t official WatchOS version.

Switch From WatchOS Beta to Public Version

As normal, if you have been using the beta release for a long time, and then you want to use the public release, you will have to contact Apple Customer support.

However, there is now a simpler solution to help you do that without contacting to Apple Support. If you want to get rid of this beta release, the easiest way is removing the beta profile. Then, when every update is available, you will receive the notification of the public release on your Apple Watch. Apple releases such updates for Apple Watch after some time like after some months.

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Switching from beta version is very easy. All you need to do is heading to profiles and removing the beta release.

  1. First on your iPhone, launch the Watch app and tap on General option and then choose Profiles
  2. Here there is the WatchOS Beta Software Profile option. Simply tap on it.
  3. Now you will see Remove Profile option at the bottom. Then tap on it to remove the beta release profile from your Apple Watch.
  4. Now you would be able to receive the public release if it’s available.

That’s the simple steps to switch from the WatchOS beta to the official public version. Hope this post is useful for you.