How To Record Audio On Mac Using QuickTime Player

You want to record a sound on your Mac, but you don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry as you find the right place. In this post, we will show you an easy way to record audio on Mac just by using QuickTime Player, which is a default app on Mac OS. You will no longer have to download any 3rd party utilities.

The QuickTime is capable of capturing sound from a microphone and then save it in the form of the m4a file. So it’ usually used to record quick audio files, conversation and more. QuickTime app is the easiest and simplest method for recording audio on your Mac. Here are seven steps to record audio on your Mac with the help of QuickTime.

Steps to Record Audio on Mac OS using QuickTime

You can take advantage of this app to record any types of sounds on your Mac. You can use either the external micro or the built-in microphone.

  1. First, launch the QuickTime app. You can find the app in the Applications folder.
  2. Now, go to the ‘File’ menu and then choose the ‘New Audio Recording’ option.
  3. Next, click on the Record button to start recording the sound using the default microphone.
  4. Once you are done, to stop the record, click on the same button.
  5. Once again, go to the ‘File’ menu and then click on ‘Save’ to save the file.
  6. Name the file as your liking and then store it in your favorite location.

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The m4a file recorded by QuickTime can easily be played on a Windows PC, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. However, in case you want to record hours of audio, make sure your Mac has enough available space on the disk.

If you don’t like QuickTime, there is another app, called GarageBand to help you record sound and audio files on your Mac. However, it’s not free to use and a little complicated. In conclusion, we still recommend you to use QucikTime app because of its simplicity.