Speed Up the Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus In Three Steps

There are several different ways to speed up your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, but they are quite advanced for almost of users. So, in this post, we’ll show you a simple tip that only takes a few minutes at the most to speed up your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.

However, before starting, you’ll need to enable the developer options menu which is hidden by default, then change three settings. The process is completely safe and won’t affect the warranty of your phone.

Steps to Speed Up the Galaxy S8

  • Pull down the notification bar and tap Settings (the gear icon)
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap About Phone
  • Tap on Build Number 7-8 times to unlock the hidden developer menu.
  • Now, you need to change these three settings.
  • Return to Settings menu and tap on the new Developer Options (near the bottom)
  • Scroll halfway down until you see Windows Animation Scale
  • Now, change Windows animation scaleTransition animation scale and Animator duration scale to 0.5x

By default, all three settings control animations on the Galaxy S8 are set at 1x to make Android look pretty. Although setting it to 0.5x reduces animations and effects all in half, the entire phone should now be buttery smooth.

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Some of these animations just make your S8 look and feel more impressive. However, if you change it to 0, it might create a big impact. That’s why we only recommend 0.5x for the best  middle ground of speed and visuals.

To apply all these changes, simply restart your Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. You’ll immediately see the better performance on your phone.

Despite an old trick on Android smartphones, it still take a great effect. If you like this post, share this with your friends as it is applied to all Android smartphone or tablet. Some of your friends want turn these three settings off completely, to zero, for the best performance and especially to increase the battery life.