How To Fix Wi-Fi Issue On HTC U11

Introduced in May this year, HTC U11 features super stylish design along with some of the best features. Many people said that they were pleasant when choosing HTC U11. However, the phone still has some flaws. A few users report that they are facing problems with the Wi-Fi on their HTC U11. If you are in the same situation, here is how to fix HTC U11’s Wi-Fi issues.

Methods To Fix Wi-Fi Issue On HTC U11

Method 1:

The first one you should try is turning off the router and your device for 10 seconds. After that, turn them back on and try to reconnect.

Method 2:

Sometimes the ‘Power Saving’ mode can make your Wi-Fi sleep and disconnect it.  After you wake the smartphone up, you will have to connect to the Wi-Fi again. So, turning it off may help you fix the Wi-Fi issues. To do this:

  • First, tap the dotted icon
  • Here tap on Settings and choose Power
  • Turn the Extreme power saving mode off

Method 3

You can head to Wi-Fi >Settings > Advanced and note down the MAC address of your HTC U11. Make sure that the MAC address is given the access. Checking this may help you fix Wi-Fi issues on your HTC U11.

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Method 4

You can also download a Wi-Fi- analyzer app from Google Play Store and then check how crowded it is. You can switch among the channels to get the stable connectivity through your Wi-Fi.

Method 5

Go to Settings>Wi-Fi and long tap on the connection that you want to forget. Now enter the details of your Wi-Fi again and set the connection between the router and your phone. Doing this might fix the Wi-Fi issues on your smartphone.

These are some possible ways to fix your Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your HTC U11 phone. If you have tried them all, none of them works, you should contact the retail store or your carrier for the better fix.