iPhone X And Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Battle Of The Bezels

The future of the smartphone, iPhone X has been officially introduced in Apple’s launch event on 12th September. And the biggest competitor of iPhone X is the Galaxy Note 8 of Samsung. So n this post we together have an overall look about these two $1000 flagship smartphones.

Battle Between iPhone X And Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Build and display

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features an Infinity display with a massive 6.3-inch display and a virtual aspect to it. So the bezels on the iPhone X are obviously a little sleeker and utilizes the full front of the display. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dominates the front of the screen, the iPhone definitely takes it a further step even going as far as to cut around these sensors to get the screen more little bit estate. Two phones now handle the fingerprint sensor and home situation differently. While the Galaxy Note 8 gains the 3D Touch like the effects of Touch ID sensor, Apple completely replaced it with the Face ID on iPhone X as we know. The Note 8 has the iris scanning and the iPhone X is the facial recognition with 3D modeling, which takes a step further. In fact, it’s been two years ahead of the competition in that aspect.

Although the Galaxy Note 8 is cool, it’s not enough and still the same as the duo Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. While iPhone X is a completely new thing that Apple has never done before as this is a step in a new direction, so we’re expecting a lot of things from this one.

Both of these phones come with a similar build as we get a glass on the front and back with the metal border. While iPhone X has a steel stainless border, the Galaxy Note 8 has an aluminum one. Both share the wireless charging capability.

Samsung and Apple together use the OLED panel on its highest flagship smartphone, but there are several technologies that separate it. For one promotion, a 120 Hz display that shares with iPad Pro Apple just released is a very impressive screen technology and it features an always-on true tone display with sensors embedded into the top sensor bar. So these two screen technology put them in a league of their own when they come to display.

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Both iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 have an interesting camera design here. The Note 8’s camera looks like an Android robot, while the iPhone X looks like a traffic light. So with those unique camera designs, both will have their own camera technologies as well. The iPhone X features 3D sensing capabilities and specifically is built for AR and VR abilities. The flash is now embedded inside the camera glass, which is quite similar to the Galaxy Note 8.

Both these phones are equipped a 12 MP dual sensors at the back with the capabilities of 4K video recording at 60 fps and the Full HD video capture at 240 fps, slow motion mode and more.


In terms of specs, the Galaxy Note 8 is not able to compete with the iPhone X in the performance. In our speedtest, our iPhone 7 Plus easily overcomes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So the Apple A11 Bionic chip, which is built on 10nm process will absolutely crush the Snapdrgon 835/ Exynos 8895 SoC on the Galaxy Note 8.

These are the most impressive things that we collect from the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X. We’ll show you more different points of these two phones when we have chance to get them hand-on later. How about you? What is the phone you like most? Share your thoughts in the comment below.