Samsung Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8 Plus: Whether It’s Worth Surcharging $270 For Stylus

If you make a side-by-side comparison of Samsung’s largest smartphones at the moment, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8, you don’t need a magnifying glass to find the differences in design; a second glance is enough for you. You can see that the Galaxy Note 8 is a little thicker than the Galaxy S8+. Although there is a bit more angular at the corners, the build quality of both phones is flawless.

The Note 8 has a merely 0.1 inches bigger display, but the bezels are still as slim as the Galaxy S8+. In spite of the same curved glass surfaces, the Galaxy Note 8 is more massive and seems to be heavier than the S8+. The hard standalone Bixby button are still located in the same places.

The biggest factor that makes Galaxy Note 8 different from S8+ is the S-Pen. This digital input stylus that can be taken from the bottom divides Samsung fans. For Note fans, the S-Pen makes their device interesting, but the pen critics do not see the effects of the S-Pen and talk about other features instead.


One more thing that makes two different is the rear camera. The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung smartphone that comes with a dual camera at the back, while the Galaxy S8+ still remains a single 12 MP rear snapper. Although it’s a single camera on Galaxy S8+, they are still the excellent camera phones. The front camera on both phones comes with the same resolution.

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Galaxy S8+ Has A Better Battery Life

According to the specifications Samsung announced, the Galaxy S8+ is equipped a larger battery of the two Samsung smartphones, despite the smaller size and a thinner body. To make up for it, the Note 8 comes with the S-Pen, so it requires a space inside the body. Furthermore, the battery exploration of the Galaxy Note 7 made Samsung to stay on the safe side, so the company did not go for maximum capacity. As a result, the Galaxy S8+ will need a longer time on one charge, even if the differences are just minor. However, both Galaxy phones support quick charge 4.0 and wireless charging, so the time is not a serious issue.

Technical specs

Performance on both smartphones is very close, which is no wonder as they run on the same processor. RAM is the only thing where the Note 8 is larger, but it is hardly noticeable in practice. The Snapdragon 835 (or the Samsung Exynos 8895) powers both smartphones, so you won’t have to wait long for loading apps or face with a laggy browser.

Galaxy Note 8 Is $270 More Expensive For S-Pen

There is a difference in the price tag between two smartphones. The Galaxy Note 8 is now available at $929, which is $80 more expensive than the Galaxy S8+’s price when it was first launched in the market ($850). Now its retail price has dropped further, and you can currently grab S8+ for only $659, which is $270 cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8.

Two Samsung smartphones has its own difference, even if the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 look similar at the first glance. Which phone is your favorite? Let’s know in the comment below.