How To Turn Old iPhone Into A Security Camera

Your iPhone has been used for many years, and you want to sell it to upgrade a new one. But have you ever thought about turning your iPhone into a security camera and you won’t have to pay for another line. You could use this setup with cell service to put a security camera the places that you don’t have the internet, but this is designed for turning your old iPhone into a security camera indoors to plug it in.

The iPhone’s security camera apps comes with motion alerts, so you don’t have to pay attention all the time to see something. There are in-app purchases that let you  record to the cloud if you see someone in your house. If you are searching for the featured smart security systems, we recommend the PCMag as it delivers a great breakdown of ready-to-go system to protect your house. Moreover, it also integrates with smart home accessories and assistants such as Alexa and Google Home.

But you need to install the security camera app on your old iPhone and on your current iPhone to turn your old iPhone into a security camera indoors, or even outdoors.

If you want to record 24/7, you will have to connect it to power so that you don’t have to recharge the phone as streaming video easts up the battery power very fast. You can also choose battery saving options to set up a temporary security camera when there is not a power outlet nearby.

There are currently three most popular apps that can turn your iPhone into a security camera, which are AlfredManything and Presence. You can download them for free, but they include in-app purchases to unlock all features. All of them come with the following features:

  • Motion alerts
  • Two way talk
  • Cloud recording

The Manything app provides setting detection zones and using IFTTT support.Moreover, you can also stream to FaceBook Live, if you want. While the Alfred app allows you to switch between front and rear cameras and turn the LED flash off and on.

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Both Manything and Alfred come with in-app purchases to get premium features and especially online recordings. In some case, you will need to use cloud recording in order to get a remote backup if someone takes your old phone.

If you want to capture an entire room, you can install a fisheye lens to help your iPhone record a wider area with one phone. You can choose Olloclip or other brands.

Once you choose the app that you want to use to turn your old iPhone into a security camera, you should then install it on both your old iPhone and your current iPhone. The setup steps are also quite simple. You just link the phones to an account and you can then see your DIY smart security camera from anywhere.


If you want a standalone camera, you can check out Momentum while if you need an outdoor camera, the Ring Floodlight Cam is a good choice.