The Most Secure Unlock Methods For Android

Android platform provides a number of options in order to make your device more secure. One of them is the different methods for unlocking the screen, including pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint and even iris scanner. Here is the goal behind each one, so that you can choose the most suitable and secure unlock method for your Android phone.

Fingerprint scanner

It’s now the most popular unlock method that millions of Android users are using. Obviously, working well or not depends on some factors, such as the quality of the sensor and its position. Quality here is the speed that the sensor reads your fingerprint. This is different between devices, and its scratch-resistant surface. There are also biometric authentication mechanisms, which is faster than you can imagine. As for the position, when being asked, many users like putting it on the front of the display.

As for the security, this is now considered one of two most secure methods. It’s also quite difficult for a fingerprint reader to be easily hacked. Furthermore, manufactures designed the sensors to recognize body heat and blood movement of the user, so “dead” finger is not able to unlock an Android.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is not new. Its first appearance was on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 version. This feature makes use of the front camera to take a photo of your face and then uses it to unlock your device. But its security is questionable with more cons than pros.

The biggest problem here is that  the lighting needs to be ideal for the front camera so that it can take the best picture of your face. So, it depends on the front camera’s quality and how your face is in front of it.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock was first introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop version, and it still gets the updates until now. The way that the Smart Lock does is very simple, it keeps your device unlocked following your location, your voice, a device or a presence.

Simply choose your trusted location, like your house, and once you get the place, your device will automatically be unlocked without needing to use any method. You can also use Bluetooth devices to be a trusted location.

Currently, you can set up Smart Lock to unlock your phone even when it’s in your pocket. But you should note that anyone can access to your phone when you’re in your trusted location.

Iris scanner

Similar to facial recognition, it basically comes with the same thing as the fingerprint reader, as it will need a second, require registered password to unlock your phone. On Galaxy S8/S8 + and Note 8, the fingerprint and iris scanners cannot be activated together.

Recognition also depends on the lighting conditions and the user’s eyes are placed. The system scanning your iris needs to be integrated into the reader so that it can quickly react. Technically, it is on par with the fingerprint scanner in terms of security but it will lose out when it comes to usability.

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PIN code comes with a traditional combination of numbers. It’s probably the primary security option, distinct from the rest of the options above. But there is a minus as PINs will be limited in their recovery if you forget it.


The pattern is a unique method on Android phones and it’s been around for a while now. You can combine it with the PIN code if you want, but itself is already a decent security system. But keep in mind that, a certain number of wrong attempts will make your device have to erase your data.


A password is the oldest unlock method on Android, but it’ still the most secure that is being used by many users. It allows you to use combo of numbers and letters to unlock your phone. Recovery systems also vary a lot, but it’s more difficult to recover a password as a PIN code.

Which method are you using on your Android? Do you think it’s secure enough? Let’s know in the comment below.