How To Fix Bad Battery Life On LG V30

LG V30 is the first smartphone in V-series that comes with a non-removable battery. LG also delivered the dust and water resistance as well as wireless charging. So although you are not able to swap out a full battery, you can make changes to get a better experience.

However, LG phones are usually customized with multiple options, controls, and settings to improve user’s experience. But they also come with a range of features you might not use, which eat up the battery life fast. Here is how to disable features, or what you should know in order to find out what’s causing the battery life issues.

Reboot Your LG V30

A quick and simple reboot might be the best tip to improve the battery life. There are many different things that can make your battery drain faster than the expectation. The easiest way to stop a problem is rebooting the phone.

Find Apps Eating Up Battery

Sometimes the random apps misbehave that can cause the bad battery. You’ll need to find them before your battery is dead. So remember to keep an eye on the running apps on your device.

At the same time, some cases occur when an app uses an abnormal amount, and that’s what you should avoid. Go to Settings > General > Battery & Power saving > Battery Usage and check for apps that drain much juice.

You might see Android System, Screen, or Android OS at the of the Battery Usage menu. If an app is at the top, an app, that’s the current problem. Simply tap on it and choose “Force Stop” or uninstall it to improve battery life.

Disable Always-On Display

A feature that makes LG phones like most is Always-On display, including small clock, date, notifications, and battery percentage on the screen, after you turn off the screen. Simply, go to Settings > Display > and scroll down to Always-On Display and turn it off. Now your screen will go completely black, which could improve your battery life.

Disable WiFi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth & GPS When Not In Use

Again small effective trick, but you should not skip is turning off WiFi or Bluetooth when you are not in use. If you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, it will search non-stop for a Wi-Fi connection, and slow the process to drain the battery.

Another reason that runs out of battery fast is GPS. Google Maps or Facebook Messenger and other apps always try to find your location. Disabling apps requiring GPS can last a few hours for your battery life.

Launch Settings app and tap the magnifying glass. Enter “Location” then choose location settings and change to the battery saver mode. Although GPS isn’t accurate, you’ll see an increase in battery life.

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Battery Saver Modes

The next method you can try is to enable the battery saver mode on your V30. While this mode will reduce the performance and restricts features and apps running in the background, you will see a big improvement of your phone’s battery without consequences.

Other Battery Tips

You can also use BetteryBatteryStats app that is worth checking out. This app will show you what apps are currently being used on your phone, and highlight the potential issues. It’s a powerful app that gives you a detailed insight into your usage habits.

These are the common methods to help you improve the battery life on your LG V30. If they work for you, let’s know in the comment below.