How To Fix YouTube Not Working On Android

YouTube is a very great entertainment service where you can enjoy millions of great songs, videos, and films. But similar to most of the apps for Android platform, sometimes the app could catch the “YouTube not working on Android” issue. So we list here some of the most common issues that affect the smoothness of YouTube on your Android device. Besides, we also share some possible solutions to fix YouTube not working issues on your Android phone.

Video uploads don’t work

YouTube allows you to upload videos to it through both mobile devices and desktops. However, in some cases, you can fail to upload videos due to different reasons and there are error messages informing you that the upload has failed.

YouTube has strictly been in video publishing rules relating to the type of files you upload, copyright restrictions and more.


You should check if the file you upload adheres to YouTube’s terms for size, format, and bypass restrictions.

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YouTube won’t stop buffering

It may be the most annoying problem of YouTube for Android users. You have selected a video, but before it starts playing, the buffering circle appears and won’t stop buffering, even the network is still good. Although you try to update the YouTube app, the issue does not disappear.


Sometimes the problems come from YouTube servers, but almost of times it often happens with your device or the network you are using. The best method is saving YouTube to your phone for watching offline with the help of Snaptube.

Browser problems

One of the most common issues with YouTube app on your Android phone occurs with the native Android internet browsers. If the cookies and temporary data clog the memory, you cannot do anything with your device, including watching YouTube videos.


We recommend you to clear out your browser cache and cookies once every week. Besides, uninstalling the unnecessary browser extensions can also help your device run faster.

To clear the browser cache, go to privacy and security option > choose clear cache, and hit OK.

Security-related issues

Most antivirus apps for Android have integrated with firewall protection that could affect the internet traffic of your phone. The firewall may sometimes block the legit network traffic, including YouTube videos. If your Android phone comes with the same trouble, there will be sorts of errors popping up when watching videos on YouTube.


To fix the issue, head to the Settings of your antivirus app and add YouTube to the exclusions list without being blocked by the antivirus.

Connection error after Android update

YouTube app is one the common apps that usually comes with the problem with an annoying error message when you watch videos on YouTube. That’s “Connection to server lost. Touch to retry,” which can make you frustrated.


To resolve the problem, make sure you’ve turned your ad blockers off if you have previously installed any.

Those are the common problems with the YouTube app as well as their fixes for your Android phone. If you have other troubles, let’s know in the comment.