6 Android TV Tips and Tricks

If you have a new Android TV running the Google OS, it’s not easy for you to explore all the features available on your TV. Basically, it is very similar to the Android version that we see on smartphones. But, it is a little difficult to know how to navigate to the menu and the features. In this post, we’ll show you six Android TV tips to make your Android TV easier.

Best Android TV Tips to Improve Experience

You can now read 6 below tips in order to enhance your new TV experience.

  1. Use Voice Search

Android TV now supports the voice search that allows you to make direct requests without typing characters using the cumbersome remote. Your TV remote also has a quick voice search button and this option is usually at the top of the home screen.

In fact, you should run searches on Android using the voice search feature that makes everything much easier.

  1. Customize the TV Display 

The Settings app on your Android TV includes a display option. Choosing it will let you change the different options that are shown on the screen, such as color, brightness, and black levels. There will be different picture modes that you can choose from. Also, you can change these settings differently for other inputs, whether such as cable box or a console.

  1. Sideload Apps in Android TV

After launching Google Play Store on your Android TV, apps that support the large screen would appear. If you want to install any kind of app, it is necessary to get sideloading. To get started, you need to enable unknown sources in the Security and Restrictions section of Settings and then use a file manager to transfer the APKs of the apps from the cloud to your TV.

  1. Discover more Content in-Picture

This feature only appears on the Sony Android TVs and some models from Sharp, Philips or Panasonic. If you press the Discover button, it will then show a content bar that allows you to browse through apps without closing the current channel.

That would be great to surf YouTube or Netflix without any significant break.

  1. Customize the Home Screen

Similar to the smartphone, controlling the apps and games on the home screen is always necessary; otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time for scrolling needlessly. So, simply go to Settings > System Preferences > Home Screen. From there, there will be a menu to hide any recommendation sources.

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  1. Use Android TV as a Chromecast

One more interesting thing is that you can turn your Android TV into a Chromecast dongle with the help of all the supported apps and features. With numerous Chromecast devices, it’s required to launch the Home app on the phone first before choosing Devices from the app menu. If that app supports casting such as YouTube, simply head to the cast button and choose your TV from the list.

These are some tips and tricks to help you use your Android TV more easily. If you see the post useful, let’s know in the comments section.