How To Fix Notes App Crashing In iOS 11

Apart from Mac clients, iOS users also face the issues relating to the Notes application. This issue has already popped up since iOS 10, but until iOS 11, there is not any signal ending up this issue. If the Note app of your iPhone/iPad is being crashed, here are the simple solutions to help you fix Notes App Crashing issue on your iOS 11 device.

How To Fix Notes App Crashing In iOS 11

Simply follow the solutions below to fix the Notes crashing issue on your iPhone/ iPad running iOS 11 and iOS 10 versions.

Enable/Disable Notes in iCloud

If you have made some important notes in the Notes app of your iPhone, you should go for this workaround. When disabling the Notes in iCloud, all your notes will be deleted from your gadget; but if you have synced Notes with iCloud, your data would be protected in the cloud without the Notes data loss.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID.
  3. Choose iCloud section.
  4. Under iCloud, tap on Notes.
  5. Remove the Notes option.
  6. Now tap Delete from My iPhone.

Doing this will delete all iCloud notes on your iPhone. Wait for a second, enable Notes app in iCloud again by following the above steps. After a minute, you will see your notes settle back into the gadget.

Disable Cellular Data and Wi-Fi

Disabling the internet usage will stop iPhone Notes sync, and then launch Notes app, create some new notes. After a few minutes, turn cell or Wi-Fi back on to sync your notes to iCloud.

Remove Notes App and Install it Again

From iOS 10, Apple has allowed users to delete the stock apps; so who face the Note apps crashing problem on their iPhone/iPad, you can delete the stock app and then reinstall it on your device.

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Use An Alternative

If you are also using a Mac, you can move your notes to your Mac easily. Besides, you can also other apps with the same function like Evernote. It is one of the famous notes apps for iOS users; you can switch to this application and after updating your iOS device to the newer version, you can easily transfer all files from Evernote to the Notes app on your phone.

Restore Your iPhone From Backup

The last resort to fix the Notes app crashing issue is restoring from an old backup. First, you need to make a fresh backup of your iOS device through iCloud backup or iTunes. After that, restore your iOS device from it then check the issue again.

Above are the possible solutions to fix Notes app crashing on your iPhone/iPad running iOS 11 version. If the Notes app is still not working on your iOS 11 device after trying the different methods mentioned above, then the issue might relate to the hardware and you should contact Apple support to resolve this problem.