Best Chrome Features You Should Know

Are you a ninja in using a Chrome browser on your computer? Have you cleared all features in chrome? If not, read this post to get these tips, which will help you navigate to the website more efficiently.

Pin tabs

With the tab-pinning feature in Chrome, You can keep the tabs staying in the left of all of your many open tabs. So, you can easily keep the tabs you’re visiting within an arm’s reach. To pin a tab, simply right-click it and choose Pin Tab. The current tab will now be moved to the left of your tabs.

  1. Block auto play videos

Chrome allows you to stop auto-playing videos. All you need to do is typing chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy into URL bar and hit enter. After that, you will see a list of features. From here, click on the autoplay policy > Document user activation is required > choose Relaunch Now button.

  1. Mute tabs

Chrome browser can identify the tabs that are playing audio by displaying a small speaking icon on the tabs. If you have a video that starts playing on one of the background tab, note for the small speaker icon. To mute the audio, right-click on that tab and choose Mute Tab. The offending tab will be muted without leaving your current tab.

  1. Quickly open Google search

You can use Chrome’s URL bar to do a quick Google search, but that’s not the quickest way. If you come across a word, simply right-click it and choose Search Google for “…..” from the contextual menu. You will then be taken to a new tab with the search results for the word.

  1. Choose multiple tabs

If you want to move your open tabs into their own window, you can choose multiple tabs by holding Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) and then click on the tabs you want to move. The tabs will be highlighted with a lighter shade over other tabs. With the chosen open tabs, you can also release the Command (or Ctrl) button and drag the tabs in a new window of their own.

  1. Reopen a closed tab

If you accidentally close a tab, you can easily bring it back by click on Command-Shift-T on Mac or Ctrl-Shift-T on Windows.

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  1. Check what’s slowing your computer down

If the Chrome is acting sluggish, you can check if there is a particular tab causing the slowdown for your computer with the help of the Chrome’s built-in Task Manager. From here, you can see which tabs are using the most CPU and RAM memory resources. To launch Task Manager in Chrome, you need to click the triple-dot button locating at the right corner and then choose More Tools > Task Manager. There will be a small Task Manager window showing the fluctuating percentages for all open tabs as well as the extensions taking up CPU and memory usage. Now, highlight a tab or extension you want to close and click End Process to regain CPU and memory.

  1. Save time with autofill

If you feel tired of entering your address or credit card information on web forms, Chrome allows you to easily save this information. Open chrome, and head to Settings > Advanced > Passwords and forms > Autofill settings. Here, enter the address and payment information with Chrome browser. When you have to fill a web form, you just type the first letter, your name, or the first number of your credit card, Chrome will then do fill all the left tasks for you.

These are the typical features of Chrome browser that you should know. If you feel them useful, let’s know in the comment below.