How to stream on Twitch from Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a great device, which can give you something unique when comparing to others gaming consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One. Similar to those devices, you want to livestream your incredible skills for the community to see. However, there is an issue is that unlike other consoles, there is not any built-in livestreaming option on the Nintendo Switch. It just comes with a capture button for the screenshots at present. Although Nintendo has confirmed that the company would release an update offering the ability to capture short video clips in future, the company did not mention the support for popular services such Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

However, that does not mean it’s impossible to stream on Twitch with your Nintendo Switch. You can still stream your gameplay from your Switch to Twitch, but it requires some extra steps. Keep reading this post to find out how.

Purchase an HD Capture Card

There are currently two kinds of capture card on the market including external and internal. Both of them can work for this purpose, but we recommend you to grab an external capture card for ease of use. If you choose the internal cards, you will be required to open up your computer and attach it to a spare PCIe slot, while the external cards just require you a single USB.

There is a dozen of HD capture cards on the market currently, but you can refer the Elgato HD60S, which costs £149.99 on Amazon. It is one of the best HD capture cards at the moment. There is also a bigger brother with the capability of capturing [email protected] content (£359.95, Amazon), but the Nintendo Switch only supports at 1080p, so it is not worth your money.

Purchasing a capture card is necessary if you want to stream your favorite Nintendo Switch games on Twitch.

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Connect your Nintendo Switch to TV and PC

Once you’ve had your own capture card, the next step is connecting your Switch to your TV with the help of the Docked Mode. At present, it’s the only way to stream Nintendo Switch games.

  • Prepare two HDMI cables and then plug the first one into the HDMI port of your Nintendo Switch dock. After that, plug the other port into the capture card. Use a second HDMI cable, and connect one to the HDMI-out port of the capture card and the other into your TV.
  • The last step is downloading and installing the livestreaming software on your computer and plug the USB into it to complete the process.

Download and install Livestream software

Livestreaming is not offered for most capture cards by default. But you can still download the livestreaming software online, which is compatible with your capture cards. They are from the open-source OBS to more premium, or user-friendly options like XSplit Gamecaster.

After downloading your livestreaming software, simply choose your capture card input and you can then start livestreaming on Twitch.